Talking Ochocinco & Haynesworth

Quite a few questions this morning on Twitter regarding Dan Pompei's "Sunday Blitz" piece on the National Football Post website.

Pompei, a highly respected NFL reporter, has a "Things I Didn't Used to Know" section in his weekly column, and this part caught the eye of some Patriots followers: "Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth might not be long for New England ... one NFL executive familiar with the Patriots' ways told me he believes one or both of the big name acquisitions will be cut before the season starts. The front office man thinks coach Bill Belichick will use the controversial players to help control and send a message to his locker room."

On Twitter, @swirley0812 responds, "Heard an interesting theory on 85 & Big Al acquisitions. Sum ppl believe 1 or both will b cut b4 season 2 send message. Thoughts?"

This was echoed by several others.

My thoughts are that Pompei is simply passing along what one person believes. He is not reporting that it will happen.

That is an important distinction to make.

As for my opinion on the topic, I think Ochocinco will be here. It would surprise me to see the team hand over a $4.5 million signing bonus and then turn around and cut him before he plays a regular-season game with them.

I also think Haynesworth will be here. His situation is a bit different from a financial perspective, as he didn't receive any up-front money, so the team could cut him tomorrow with little ramifications. But by all accounts, Bill Belichick has been pleased with Haynesworth's approach.

That could always turn, but at this point, I'd be surprised if Haynesworth is not on the opening-day roster.