High praise for Pats from Bucs

TAMPA -- A few halftime comments from the Buccaneers at halftime, as they show respect to the Patriots:

Head coach Raheem Morris

"We had a couple of mistakes out there, but Tom Brady, as we know, is an awesome quarterback and [New England] has an awesome offense. They came to play tonight. We came out kind of sluggish and kind of flat on both sides of the ball. We started to pick it up a little in the second quarter, but we have to get a better effort out of everybody out there."

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy

"[The Patriots] are a Super Bowl caliber team and the tempo that it was tonight is how it’s going to be during the season, so we need to learn it, go get in the film room and handle our business."

Running back Earnest Graham

"We’re playing against a really good team that also has been together for a while. Veteran quarterback, veteran players on defense. They came out and they schemed us really well tonight, so far as the first half is concerned. ... New England came out and schemed us really well and has been able to execute. For us to go back and look at the things they were able to exploit is great for us, actually."