Retiring Taylor thanks Patriots

In an emotional news conference today in which he is retiring as a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars, running back Fred Taylor thanked many who made a difference in his career. The Patriots were part of it.

Taylor thanked coach Bill Belichick "for giving me an opportunity to try to close my career."

"A classy organization," Taylor added. "They really know how to do things. I learned a lot. It was a great experience. Mr. Kraft and the Kraft family, I thank you."

After Thursday's preseason finale, Belichick touched on Taylor.

"I thought he was a tremendous example for the younger players. He had a great attitude, a great work ethic [and was] very professional," Belichick said. "I think he added a lot to our team in those two years. He wasn’t able to contribute as much on the field as he or we would have liked, but as far as being professional and doing everything the right way and being a great example – not just to the younger players but really all the players – he was exemplary.

"It was really a privilege for me to coach him. He’s had a tremendous career. He’s a tremendous player and he deserves all the recognition that he’ll be getting. He was outstanding. [He was] a very hard guy to play against and we were very fortunate to have him on our team for a couple of years at the end of his career. We’ve had several guys like that – the Junior Seaus and the Fred Taylors and guys like that – and they’ve brought a lot to us at that time and we were fortunate to have them."