Spikes sparks up social media chatter


MANSFIELD, Mass. -- Some who follow linebacker Brandon Spikes on Twitter have asked if Spikes has been expressing his displeasure with life as a New England Patriot. The thought was sparked by Spikes' home page and his home location, which is listed as "Hell ON Earth."

Spikes, who has 6,800 followers on Twitter, was asked about it Friday night at a Reebok autograph signing held at Sports Authority.

"All that really means is just that we're in a crazy world. It's a cold world, people do anything -- rob, steal, kill. A lot of times you just think about it and look around at what's going on, and turn on the news, and me personally, I pay attention to that type of stuff. That's all that really is," he explained of his Twitter location.

"I'm happy to be here, the opportunity. I'm with a great team, a phenomenal coach. I'm excited. Hopefully I have a long career here."

Spikes was asked about using social media like Twitter to interact with fans.

"I think the Twitter is kind of fun for the outside world to just kind of see how we are," said Spikes, who often follows up his tweets with the hashtag #Powwwwwww. "I just kind of say what's on my mind. Some stuff, you can't really look all into it. I know people get mad at me when I put Lakers stuff up, but I've been a Lakers fan for years, so it's no disrespect. I know the fans here are pretty tough, but I kind of like it, and they get a kick out of it, too. So it's cool. ... I like to play around. I have a decent sense of humor, and stuff like that. That's why I say, don't read too much into it."

As for some Xs and Os, Spikes touched on his desire to improve while overcoming obstacles.

"Each and every year, me personally, I'm never satisfied with what I've done the year before," he said. "I think last year I did go through a lot; a lot of adversity. I feel like I played decent with all that going on. This year, I just want to stay on a straight road, a straight path, and just play football, and focus on football. We have a great defensive line, great guys around, so I just want to come out and get the job done and be accountable, and when my number is called make plays."