What we learned this preseason

In a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com, the question "What did we learn about the Patriots this preseason?" is asked, and answers are provided.

1. Defense will have a different look.

2. Ochocinco needs more time.

3. Haynesworth can blend in.

4. Humble pie for Meriweather.

5. Leaders are emerging.

6. Welker looks like old self again.

7. Mankins bridge was broken, but never burned.

8. Promising signs from rookie class.

9. No problems with Brady's right foot.

10. Gostkowski is back.

One commenter to the article, paladin77777, felt the piece was a little too positive and that more focus should have been placed on the third preseason game, at Detroit. I think it's a fair criticism.

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