Position by position analysis of roster

When the Patriots made their moves to get their roster to 53 players, some instant analysis was posted here.

With more time to digest the moves, a more thorough position-by-position analysis was put together in a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com.

"When looking at the New England Patriots' initial 53-man roster, the biggest surprise comes at safety. While some could have envisioned a scenario where Brandon Meriweather or James Sanders didn't make the cut, few figured both would be gone.

"Another thought when looking at the initial 53-man roster is that changes are surely still to come. "Initial" is a key word.

"The Patriots are light at tight end (2) and their decision-making process figures to be dictated by whether rookies Will Yeatman and/or Lee Smith clear waivers and return to the practice squad. The situation is similar along the offensive line, where the club has significant injury concerns and has only eight blockers.

"Those areas figure to be addressed in the days to come, in some form, but for now here is an analysis on the initial 53-man roster:

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