Poll: Chad Ochocinco or Randy Moss?

If you were making decisions for the New England Patriots, who would you rather have at wide receiver this year -- Chad Ochocinco or Randy Moss?

In March, Moss let his feelings be known that if the Patriots would have him back, he'd be there (see story here). But the Patriots invested in Ochocinco instead, and Moss has since declared his intentions to retire.

The two receivers have different skill sets.

Moss is more of a downfield threat (although some debate whether he can still be effective that role), while Ochocinco is known more for his savvy route-running. In theory, Moss would attack the deep third of the field, while Ochocinco looks like more of an intermediate option (he hasn't raced by many defenders this preseason).

There is always the locker-room dynamic to consider in personnel decisions, so when all the factors are put together, what would you do if making decisions for the Patriots?

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