How much does age matter?

Earlier today, it was noted that the Patriots' 53-man roster trends toward the older side when compared to the rest of the NFL. That sparked some good discussion about how much that actually means.

Some questions that surfaced: 1. Are older players more likely to get injured?; 2. Does the lack of experience of younger players hurt Super Bowl chances?; 3. With an older roster, does this create a limited "window of opportunity"?

This topic was also touched upon in the weekly Patriots mailbag, which will be posted on ESPNBoston.com later this morning:

"I look deeper and see areas of the roster that have good youth (e.g. linebacker, safety, tight end) and others that are longer in the tooth (e.g. defensive line), and then look ahead to 2012 and know the Patriots have multiple picks in the first and second rounds and think they are OK."

According to ESPN.com reporter Mike Sando's roster database, here are the top 10 oldest teams in the NFL based on 53-man rosters through Sunday (includes specialists):

1. Steelers (27.7)

2. Chargers (27.5)

3. Cardinals (27.4)

4t. Falcons (27.3)

4t. Rams (27.3)

4t. Lions (27.3)

7t. Jets (27.2)

7t. Vikings (27.2)

9t. Patriots (27.1)

9t. Ravens (27.1)

9t. Redskins (27.1)

9t. Giants (27.1)

32. Buccaneers (25.5)