Haynesworth faces the pressure

Clark Judge, who writes on the NFL for CBSSports.com, picks 10 individuals he feels are under the most pressure as the 2011 season begins. There is one Patriot on the list -- defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth.

"He calls himself a 'sleeping giant' and says it's time he wakes up. I'll second that," Judge writes. "Only he's a year too late. He overslept a year ago, and let's not get started on what happened then.

"Anyway, Haynesworth claims he's happier than he's been in years and that his play will reflect it. OK, I'm buying it, and here's why: He's with a team that won't put up with his B.S., a coach who knows how to handle malcontents and a defense that will take advantage of him. Plus, he has something to prove. When Albert Haynesworth is happy he can be a load. Heck, when he's unhappy he's a load, too. But he's telling us that what we saw three years ago is what we get now. All I know is that he has a reputation to live down ... and he has the perfect opportunity."