Bruschi: Preparation is key for Brady

In reflecting on Tom Brady's 517-yard performance against the Dolphins (video above), ESPNBoston.com analyst and former Patriot Tedy Bruschi said the key fopr the QB is the preparation he puts in at practice. Here's Bruschi's take:

"As you can see out here tonight, everything looked easy to him and his demeanor was calm because, in Tom Brady's mind, the tough part was already done. The tough part was practice during the week. All he had to do (Monday night) was come out here and execute. He demands that from his teammates during the week in practice. I've seen him be fiery on the field, yes, but I've seen him even more competitive in practice situations. That's when he does his work, during the week, off the field, all of the film work, then he gets out here, just lets it flow. The work is done. End result: 517."