Beyond the tweet: What happens now?

ESPNBoston.com NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi was on ESPN's NFL Live on Thursday afternoon again explaining his strong reaction to Chad Ochicinco's tweet about the impressive numbers put up by the Patriots in the season opener.

In the video above, Bruschi also points out a sign that maybe Ochocinco, an avid tweeter, is starting to get the message.

"I was expecting almost an immediate response from this," Bruschi said. "Since that tweet, there hasn't been anything else from Chad. There's just been sort of like a radio silence. Is he just focusing on San Diego, which he should be right now? I think that maybe he's starting to get the message."

It should also be noted that Ochocinco declined to talk to reporters in the Patriots locker room Thursday.

Late Wednesday, ESPNBoston.com's Mike Reiss postulated that it is Ochicinco's reaction to this hubbub that will be the thing to watch. Here is an excerpt:

By all accounts, Ochocinco has done everything asked of him from a football perspective, showing up on time and working hard while proving to be dependable and fully committed.

But his judgment on outside-of-football stuff, and fully understanding how every tweet and self-promotional look-at-me act has a trickle-down effect on his new team, remains a work in progress.

That's why the next few days could tell us a lot about Ochocinco and the likelihood this "odd couple" has a chance of working out.

Can Ochocinco take Belichick's advice and ignore the noise?