Video: Patriots-Chargers Field Pass

Check out the video above for ESPN's Patriots-Chargers Field pass:

* Matthew Berry's fantasy difference-maker: Play both Patriots tight ends (Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez). The Chargers were top 10 in fantasy points allowed to tight ends last season.

* Tedy Bruschi's matchup to watch: "A pattern is developing with the New England secondary. They're having trouble with bigger receivers. Brandon Marshall of the Miami Dolphins last week was able to outphysical those corners and have a big night. Will they do well against Malcom Floyd and Vincent Jackson, both receivers that are 6-5? That's the matchup I'll be watching."

* Mark Schlereth's prediction: Patriots 34, Chargers 20. "Anytime you play against the Patriots it's all about Tom Brady. Can you put pressure on Tom Brady? Can you create turnovers. I don't believe the San Diego Chargers can do that., I don't believe they'll sack him enough and get to him enough and frustrate him enough."