Podcast: Fake injuries, Ochocinco & Bills

Every week on ESPNBoston.com, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss put together a Patriots podcast, with this week's now posted on the site.

The topic of fake injuries leads off the podcast, which comes after the Chargers had a few players go down then return quickly, leading some to wonder if it was an attempt to slow down the Patriots' no-huddle attack. That came the day before the Giants had a more obvious attempt to do so against the Rams.

Bruschi and Reiss have some fun reflecting on a Patriots memory from the 2003 season.

Bruschi also addresses remarks made by Tom Brady this week regarding Chad Ochocinco and how Ochocinco took heat from analysts like Bruschi.

"Whenever outside forces come in, no matter who they're coming from -- former players, analysts, friends -- you have to protect your own to show a unified front coming out of the locker room," Bruschi says. "That's what good leaders do."

As for the Bills, Bruschi talks glowingly about running back Fred Jackson and defensive lineman Kyle Williams, among others, and shares memories of what it was like to play at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Thanks to Drew Brooks for producing the podcast.