Xs and Os: Matt Light's effectiveness

This week's "Belichick Breakdown" on Patriots.com, which has Bill Belichick looking back at some top plays of victories from an Xs and Os perspective, shines a spotlight on how left tackle Matt Light is still playing at a high level.

Belichick picks BenJarvus Green-Ellis' 16-yard touchdown run at the end of the fourth quarter against the Chargers, and Belichick highlights a savvy block made by Light. The 11-year veteran is supposed to block inside linebacker Donald Butler on the play, but when Butler takes himself out of the action by going around a teammate, Light peels back to seal linebacker Takeo Spikes and free up Green-Ellis for the score.

"Heads up play by a veteran player," Belichick says, while also praising blocks made by tight end Rob Gronkowski and rookie offensive tackle/third tight end Nate Solder.

Light's play is often viewed through a lens of pass protection, so this snapshot provides a different perspective of other areas in which he contributes to the team.

Belichick also details Vince Wilfork's impressive interception as part of the breakdown.