Referee pool report on timeout

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- As it was taking place, there was some confusion among reporters as to whether coach Bill Belichick was charged his second timeout, or if he took it himself.

The following is a pool report from referee Carl Cheffers:

Question: What was the explanation on the Patriots' second charged timeout at the end of the game?

Answer: That was after the replay [review]?

Question: [Correct], after the replay.

Answer: Coach Belichick wanted an explanation as to what was going to take place after the replay. Obviously, we had a reversal. We put the ball at the half-yard line. The clock was going to start. He wanted a confirmation of what was going to happen at that point. I went over there and explained to him that the ball was at the half. He asked me when the clock was going to start. I said as soon as I was done with the explanation with him that I was going to go out on the field and start the clock. He stayed down there. I didn't understand exactly why he stayed down there. I went back over there and he said he wanted a timeout. So I gave him his second charged timeout.