Brady & refs 'protecting' QBs

Former NFL Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira, who now serves as an analyst for Fox, delivers a piece today on the perception that referees protect certain quarterbacks more than others. The piece is a follow-up on Eagles quarterback Michael Vick's remarks that he doesn't seem to get as many calls as others.

It also shatters the thought that Tom Brady is protected more than others.

"What about Tom Brady and Peyton Manning?" Pereira writes. "Let me look down the list, although it might take me a while since they both are way down there. Brady does get more protection than Manning, that’s for sure. Brady has drawn 0.16 roughing the passer calls per 100 attempts compared to 0.15 for Manning. That, for Brady, is one call in every 625 pass attempts, while for Manning it is one call for every 679 attempts."

For Brady, that ranked him 30th among quarterbacks.

Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell leads all quarterbacks with 1.46 calls per 100 passes.