Final leftovers from win over Raiders

Before turning the page to Sunday's game against the Jets, some final leftovers from the win in Oakland:

1. During his weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI (link here), Bill Belichick offered insight on some of the team's strategizing for the Raiders' game. It started with running back Darren McFadden, and specifically not letting him outside and tightening up in the tackling department. Belichick felt the run defense was competitive, outside of McFadden's 41-yard run (a breakdown) and a 30-yard reverse by Jacoby Ford.

2. The Patriots' defense surrendered nine plays of 20 yards or more, which represented 13 percent of the Raiders' total plays. The struggles continue in that area for Belichick's defense.

3. More from Belichick on sports radio WEEI, specifically on Tom Brady targeting receiver Wes Welker 14 times in 30 attempts against the Raiders: "He was open on several plays. ... There wasn't a lot of double coverage in that game, surprisingly. I thought that we might get doubled a little bit more. They really didn't double Wes much. A lot of times, as you saw, they were playing inside leverage on him, trying to keep him from coming across the middle, and he was on a couple of those outside-breaking routes and [CB Joe] Porter wasn't close enough to cover him or a couple cases even tackle him after he made the catch. I have no argument Tom throwing to him in those situations."

4. While Stevan Ridley adds an explosive dimension to the Patriots' ground game, BenJarvus Green-Ellis' nose for the end zone remains impressive. Green-Ellis' total of 16 touchdowns since the beginning of 2010 ranks second in the NFL to Texans running back Arian Foster.

5. Bill Belichick on WEEI: "Our red-area defense is better than it's been in several years. Certainly, way better than it was last year." That was a key against the Raiders, who were 2 of 5 inside the 20.

6. The last time receiver Wes Welker did not catch a pass in a regular-season game was Dec. 24, 2005 when he was with the Dolphins.

7. Bill Belichick said on WEEI that he felt Sunday was Tom Brady's best game of the season. "I'm not basing that on numbers, I'm basing that on reads he made, the decisions he made, his location on the ball. Not only that, managing the team, and making some checks at the line of scrimmage, getting us in the right play, getting us out of a couple bad plays that could have been a problem. That's really what it's about for a quarterback -- moving the ball, scoring points, and putting your team in good position and getting the ball to your playmakers. He's done a good job of it, but [Sunday] I thought was very good."