Xs & Os: Welker's TD in focus

For those with an interest in the Xs and Os aspect of football, the weekly "Belichick Breakdown" feature on Patriots.com is unique, with Belichick dissecting some of the key plays of the game. From Sunday's win over the Raiders, Belichick chooses Wes Welker's 15-yard touchdown catch in the first quarter and Vince Wilfork's fourth-quarter interception.

On Welker's TD, Belichick details all aspects of the play, starting with Tom Brady's three-step drop.

"What I really wanted to point out here is how everybody is open," Belichick says, noting the ball could have been thrown to any of the four receivers. "It was really well-executed across the board."

The Raiders blitzed on the play, which was another key aspect.

Belichick smiles when getting to the second play of the breakdown.

"It seems like we're looking at this every week, another interception by Wilfork," he cracks.

The Patriots are in man coverage on the play, and Wilfork runs a game with defensive lineman Kyle Love. When Wilfork loops around, he enters the passing lane and shows "great hands" to make the catch on the pass intended for Darren McFadden.

Belichick seems to enjoy dissecting Wilfork's interception return, which included a stiff-arm on center Samson Satele.