Writer shines spotlight on Welker

NFL reporter Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com focuses on Patriots receiver Wes Welker in his most recent piece, which is headlined "Watching the Wonder of Welker."

"I wanted to find out if there were any secrets to how the Patriots get Welker open. So I studied the Oakland game and evaluated his nine catches to see how they got him free," Prisco writes. "Are there tendencies? Not many. I will say this, he looks much more comfortable lining up on the left side of the formation. Having said that, he made plays from the right side as well."

Prisco then breaks down all nine of Welker's catches, before coming to this conclusion:

"Zone? Man? Left? Right? It didn't matter," he writes. "Most of the time, Welker does line up in the slot, more on the left than the right. When he does line up wide, not in the slot, it was usually a running play. But that's about it for keys about where he lines up.

"The Jets might stick Darrelle Revis on him Sunday. They would be wise to give him some help. Welker is too good a route runner and his route combinations are so varied and he's so quick that I don't think one man can stick with him -- especially with the way Brady is throwing the football.

"Welker might be up to a visit to Revis Island. Teams haven't thrown at Revis much. But with Welker, you know the Patriots will."