Simms soundbites on Pats-Jets

Soundbites from analyst Phil Simms, who will call Sunday's game between the Patriots and Jets alongside Jim Nantz (as provided by CBS' media relations staff):

Struggles of the Patriots' defense: "You need to see a body of work before you can say they’ve turned the tide and have a chance now. There are signs every game where you say if they can do that more often they could really start to be something special. But there has not been prolonged success almost in any area to think the Patriots’ defense has turned the tide yet."

Comparing the Jets last two games from their first two: "The signs were there that, maybe I didn’t pay enough attention to, trouble was lurking. The inconsistencies of moving the football, the lack of a sustained pass rush – those are two areas that teams have a hard time overcoming."

Jets' offensive line issues: "In the NFL, when there is a weakness in your offensive line, it doesn’t hurt your offense, it hurts your whole football team. It hurts your quarterback, the receivers, the running backs, the situations your defense plays in. Right now, the Jets have a few obstacles to overcome."

Jets QB Mark Sanchez and struggles running the ball: "When your offensive line is in trouble, your quarterback is going to be directly affected by how many times he gets hit, and that shows in his performance. Look at what he did against the Baltimore Ravens. If you go back and dissect that game, there were probably nine throw-aways, minimum, and at least six throws he had no idea where he was throwing because he was getting hit upside the head at the same time. I’m not exonerating him from everything, but you surely can’t judge what he’s doing based on what he was presented against the Baltimore Ravens."

Rex Ryan deflecting pressure through his approach with the media: "I don’t know if he can take the pressure off his team this week. Everything has changed. He’s in a scenario now that he has never been in since he’s been a head coach. It will be interesting to see how they approach the game and what their overall philosophy will be for this game. How is Rex going to manage it? Do they still think they’re going to open up the offense and be a throwing team? Or are they going to go back – it’s hard to switch in mid-season? It can’t be cured in one week. They just have to get the ship going in the right direction this week."