Video: Bruschi visits 'Wilfork Island'

In a fun segment on Sunday's NFL Countdown show on ESPN (video above), Tedy Bruschi interviewed former teammate Vince Wilfork about his newfound prowess for intercepting passes. Wilfork has two interceptions this season: the first two of his career.

Now that he's among the elite pass defenders in the league, why shouldn't he have an island, a la Darrelle Revis?

Wilfork, who credits Randy Moss for helping him learn ways to catch a ball, had some fun with his answer to Bruschi's tongue-in-cheek question about the differences between "Wilfork Island" and "Revis Island."

"Revis, he'd probably have palm trees and stuff like that," Wilfork joked. "Me, I'd have a horse track and a fishing lake. I'd have my own racetrack with my horses ... and a nice house and a family."

Wes Welker's take: "I think they'd have a luau all the time (on Wilfork Island). A pig roast and everything else. I think it would be a good time."

What's your vision of Wilfork Island? Share your thoughts in the comments section ...