Podcast: Bruschi on AFC East, 'Boys

Every week during the NFL season, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss team up for a Patriots podcast on ESPNBoston.com. This week's podcast has been posted and it starts with a look at the AFC East.

Bruschi didn't believe Buffalo would be atop the division at 4-1.

"I'm very surprised. I didn't think they'd come this strong," Bruschi says. "The one loss they have, vs. Cincinnati, that's a game they should have won. Their defense is becoming the new big-play defense of the NFL. That's probably what's most surprising. I think we all knew about [Ryan] Fitzpatrick, Stevie Johnson, Freddie Jackson -- they had weapons -- but the defense; not a lot of stars there but they're making plays. I know the Buffalo Bills are for real. They're going to give the Patriots a run for the money in this division."

Bruschi and Reiss select one Patriot for a "23rd player award" through the first five games -- Bruschi picks center Dan Connolly, Reiss goes with cornerback Kyle Arrington.

Then they turn their focus to Sunday's game against the Cowboys.

"Which Tony Romo are you going to get?" Bruschi asks. "I think that's the big question."