Belichick tackles crowd noise

David Butler II/US Presswire

BenJarvus Green-Ellis gave Patriots fans plenty to cheer about Sunday at Gillette Stadium.FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Much has been made about the crowd noise at Gillette Stadium (of lack thereof) and the home-field advantage New England fans give the team. Some have wondered if all the success the past decade has left some fans spoiled and the crowd noise isn't always as elevated as it could be.

Asked Monday if he had seen a difference in the volume of the crowd since Tom Brady asked fans to be more vocal earlier this season, Belichick praised the crowd at Sunday's 30-21 triumph over the rival Jets.

"[The fans] were definitely into the game [Sunday], no question about it," said Belichick. "I don’t know, I don’t really follow all of Brady’s press conferences and I don’t really follow them that carefully. Obviously it was an exciting game against the Jets. It’s loud when we go down there; it’s loud when they come up here. The fans were great. They gave us a lot of support. [I’m] glad we were able to give them some plays to encourage them to keep giving it to us."

Belichick did admit that, from a coaching standpoint, there's always an awful lot of noise to deal with.

"I’m trying to focus on what we have to do, what our calls are, we’re trying to coach the game. I’m not really trying to evaluate what the crowd is or isn’t doing. Honestly. When you’re down on the field, to tell you the truth, it’s like a constant roar. It goes up and it comes down a little bit but it’s a constant roar. I think when you’re in the stands, you hear it more. Obviously I haven’t been in the stands [at Gillette, but] for the Bruins games and the Celtics games, you hear it coming to life. And I’m not saying there aren’t different levels down on the field, but when you’re down on the field, even just 65,000 people just all talking at the same time, there’s a volume of noise there that’s all directed at the field. It’s always really kind of loud but it just gets louder.

"Honestly, I kind of realized that when I was young, when I was on the field for a couple of Army-Navy games. You know you have 100,000 people and obviously there’s a lot of energy in that game. When you’re in the stands, you kind of hear your fans cheering for your team. When things don’t go well, you hear the other fans cheering for the other team. But when you’re down on the field, it seems like there’s always just a lot of noise. I’m not saying it isn’t louder when you’re on defense at home and offense on the road, because it is, but I’m just saying as a coach and all, there’s a lot of noise all the time."

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