Haynesworth not satisfied with play

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth, who has been credited with two tackles in three games played this season, drew a large crowd of reporters in the locker room this morning.

Haynesworth touched on his limited role, as he’s averaging just shy of 25 snaps per game.

“Coach is not going to rush anything and he wants me to get my feet under me so I can play well,” Haynesworth said, before addressing how he feels physically.

“I feel OK. I’m still trying to shake some things or whatever, but as time goes, I’m feeling better and better and more comfortable in the whole scheme of things with what I’m doing.”

Asked if he’s satisfied with his production, he answered, “I wouldn’t say I’m satisfied. If I’m not making every tackle, every sack, every pass defensed, I’m not satisfied. I’m OK with it, but I want to definitely increase and get a lot better and want them to see what I can do.”

Haynesworth, who missed two games (Bills, Raiders) with a back injury, called himself a perfectionist.

“I want to be the best at what I do at all times. I never want to slack,” he said.

Haynesworth also sprayed perfume on the Cowboys, calling them better than their 2-2 record.

“Regardless of what some people think, they’re a really good team and Tony Romo is a really good quarterback. He could be streaky sometimes, but most of the time he’s on point. We just have to get after him.”