LBs Ware, Lee in focus with Brady

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spent nearly all of his weekly press conference talking about the challenges the Cowboys' defense will present when the two teams meet Sunday at Gillette Stadium. And it's clear the linebackers, including DeMarcus Ware and Sean Lee, are an area of focus for Brady.

"[Ware] can get after a quarterback as good as anyone we play," said Brady. "He’s powerful, he’s fast off the edge, he’s got a bunch of different moves. It’s not like you just set on the speed-rush and he’ll speed-rush you and then he’ll power you right into the quarterback. The first play of the season he sacked [quarterback Mark] Sanchez when they were playing the Jets -- kind of had an up-and-under move. If he gets going early, he’s going to be a problem all day, so we’ve got to make sure we really account for him on every play."

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady heaped praise on the Dallas linebackers Wednesday.And how exactly do you prepare for a five-time Pro Bowler like Ware?

"It’s tough to prepare for those guys, they’re unique players," said Brady. "There’re just not many guys like that in the league. When you play a guy like that, the tackles and tight ends know they’re up for a challenge. You try to give them help at times, but at other times they’re on their own, they’ve just got to stop them. As a quarterback you don’t just drop back there and hold it and see how long you can hold it all day because eventually they’re going to get there."

Asked about Lee, Brady showed he's well aware of a player that's already essentially matched his entire rookie production through just four games.

"A second year player, went to Penn State. Runs well, very quick," Brady said while giving the scouting report. "He’s not big in stature, almost Zach Thomas-like. He really dissects the passing game, really reads the quarterback very well. He had some picks last year -- some pretty impressive plays that he makes. That return he had for a touchdown against the Jets was a phenomenal play. He read the quarterback, kind of figured out the route and anticipated the throw, made a great catch and a great run. He’s very good."

When a reporter invoked the name Tedy Bruschi as a possible comparison, Brady noted that's pretty hefty praise.

"Tedy was one of a kind, so that’s a pretty good compliment to give a guy," said Brady. "He definitely makes plays in the pass-game. He’s obviously very smart; you can see that from just watching him play. He communicates a lot and when the play is called into the defense, you can see he is one of the guys that’s always trying to get everything communicated to the rest of the guys, which tell you how the coaches feel about him, in a defense [that] I would say is not very easy. There’s a lot that they do, so when you put all that on a second-year player, it tells you what they really think of him."