Sound FX with Vince Wilfork

NFL Films had a microphone on Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork during Sunday's win over the Jets, and parts of the Sound FX piece is now posted on NFL. com (link here). A segment like this takes you right on to the field with Wilfork.

At one point, Wilfork tells offensive lineman Brian Waters -- who wears No. 54 -- that he was giving him Tedy Bruschi flashbacks. That was one of the more humorous parts.

There was one moment, after a Jets touchdown, in which Wilfork looks at everyone in the huddle and says, "Why do we look so sad? This is football, baby. Let's make a play!"

Wilfork also talks to receiver Chad Ochocinco on the sideline, telling him that he's growing every week as a player.

Those were a few parts that stood out -- along with Wilfork calling for the offense to run the ball and taking joy in Wes Welker's 73-yard catch with Darrelle Revis trailing in coverage -- in a segment that you really have to watch (not just read) to appreciate.