ESPN's Pats-Cowboys prediction roundup

A roundup of how ESPN's analysts see Sunday’s Patriots-Cowboys game playing out:

PatriotsCowboys* ESPNBoston.com Patriots analyst Tedy Bruschi: Patriots 27, Cowboys 20. I don't see Tony Romo coming into Foxborough and winning in the fourth quarter. He might look good to start the game but I see him making another mistake in the end to ensure a Patriots victory. This defense is tough but the Patriots' offense does too good a job at ball security. Pats win at home, and the 30-point scoring streak ends.

* ESPNBoston.com’s Mike Reiss: Patriots 34, Cowboys 28. If you believe in tough spots, I think this is one of them for the Patriots. You're coming off a win over the rival Jets and now face a team that is returning to full health after not playing last weekend. If this game was on the road, I'd pick the Cowboys. But since it's at home, that leads me closer to the other direction. While I believe the Cowboys present some matchup problems that could exploit some of the Patriots' weaknesses -- such as their passing game against the Patriots' nickel defense -- it's hard for me to invest in the Cowboys based on some of the shaky play I've seen from them in critical situations. Until they prove they are tougher in those situations, I lean toward the team that has already proved it.

* ESPNBoston.com’s Chris Forsberg: Patriots 31, Cowboys 21. Cowboys say they want to bring the kitchen sink at Brady. Instead, they get put through the garbage disposal as the Patriots move the ball with ease through the air. Following the early season script, New England's defense does enough to make it stand up.

* ESPNBoston.com’s Mike Rodak: Patriots 28, Cowboys 17. Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan isn't able to contain the Patriots' offense for a second straight season. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throws for three touchdowns, while Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo struggles to keep pace. The Patriots will head into their bye week 5-1.

* ESPN Boston Radio’s Adam Jones: Cowboys 31, Patriots 28. I've gone back and forth on this, because I think the Cowboys have a lot of San Diego in them. In other words, they have a knack of shooting themselves in the foot at the worst possible moment. That aside, the Cowboys have had two weeks to prepare for this game -- just like Cleveland last year -- and even have former Patriots assistant Rob Ryan -- who oversaw the Browns' defense last season -- as their defensive coordinator. Plus, the Patriots are coming off an emotional win against a rival and could be looking ahead to their bye week. Add it up all up and it feels like a Cowboys win to me.

* ESPN Boston Radio’s Andrew Brooks: Patriots 31 Cowboys 21. The Cowboys are coming off their bye and are seemingly healthy but I'm sticking with the Patriots again. The Pats are averaging a league best 495 plus yards of offense each week, which to me makes the Rob Ryan factor overplayed. Just like the Jets last week, the Cowboys will keep it close but never threaten victory.

* ESPN NFL analyst Damien Woody: Patriots win. These guys are almost unbeatable in New England.

* ESPN NFL analyst Hugh Douglas: Patriots win. Dallas is getting better and they're coming into their own, but they're going to have a little fallback this week. I'm going with New England. It's going to be tough to play up there and I just don't think the Cowboys are ready to play with Tom Brady and the Patriots.

* ESPN NFL analyst Kordell Stewart: Cowboys 21, Patriots 20. Tony Romo has been known to throw interceptions in the fourth quarter. With the bye week, the question is, have they gotten those issues taken care of? I say they do. I think the Cowboys go on the road and win this game.

* ESPN Dallas' predictions:


* ESPN experts: Seven of the eight pick the Patriots. Only Chris Mortensen picks Dallas.

* Sunday Countdown: Mike Ditka, Keyshawn Johnson and Tom Jackson and pick the Patriots. Cris Carter picks the Cowboys.

* AccuScore simulations: Patriots 35, Cowboys 24 (on average). Patriots win 78 percent of more than 10,000 simulations. You can simulate the game yourself here.

* Madden 12 simulation: Patriots 49, Cowboys 31. Talk about offensive firepower! Tony Romo throws for 360 yards and three touchdowns but still gets upstaged by Tom Brady and his 379-yard, five-touchdown performance. Brady hit five different receivers for his five TDs, with only Chad Ochocinco left out of the end zone celebration. What else is new.

* Ken Moll, Scouts Inc. (Insider): Patriots 24, Cowboys 23

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