Writer visits with Robert Kraft

Alex Marvez, who covers the NFL for Foxsports.com, has been in town the last few days in anticipation of Sunday's game between the Patriots and Cowboys. He visited with Patriots owner Robert Kraft and penned a piece about the meeting (link here). An excerpt from the piece:

Reminders of Myra Kraft are all around his office inside Gillette Stadium. A beautiful 8x11 black-and-white photo of Myra in her youth is framed next to the two computer screens behind Robert’s desk. Hanging on the walls are numerous shots of the couple and their four children from 48 years of marriage. In some, Myra’s arm is lovingly draped around Robert’s neck to pull their faces closer together for the camera.

As Robert and I sat together Friday, I remembered how Myra breezily strolled into his office during one of our interviews in 2008. The moment she entered, Robert’s face began to glow. I’m sure it did the same when a 19-year-old Myra boldly asked him to get married while on their first date.

Cancer didn’t just take Myra Kraft at age 68. It also stole the spirit of her husband.

“I always thought she was going to outlive me by 30 years,” said Kraft, wearing a memorial pin with her initials (MHK) on the lapel of his dark blue suit jacket. “She was 98 pounds. She read four books a week. She ate healthy. It was just this horrible disease.”

A watery-eyed Kraft then paused to keep his composure.

“It’s been tough,” he uttered.