Brady's insight on Cowboys plan

What did the Cowboys do to slow down the Patriots' potent offense?

That was a question many were asking after Sunday's hard-fought 20-16 win, which marked the first time since last November that the Patriots were held to fewer than 30 points in the regular season.

Quarterback Tom Brady shared insight on the Cowboys' plan -- and thoughts on Cowboys coordinator Rob Ryan -- during his weekly appearance on the "Dennis & Callahan" program on sports radio WEEI (link here).

"He doesn’t give you any easy throws. He tries to take away your main routes, he tries to double-coverage your main receivers, and they did a lot of that," Brady said in some good Xs and Os talk.

"They put a lot of extra guys in coverage that teams typically don’t do. They were rushing three guys most of the time and they force you to throw the ball even with those three guys because they’re very good pass-rushers. Any time you can drop a lot of guys into coverage and still get pressure on the quarterback, that’s pretty good defense.

"And he mixed it up well enough where it wasn’t always that, where he'd pressure us but then he’d also back off and play coverage. It just made it tough. And there were plays out there that we certainly could have executed. There were plenty of times where we could have done a better job and we got down close in the red area and didn’t really take advantage."