Will Patriots deal? Trade deadline looms

AP Photo/Stephan Savoia

Nick Caserio and Bill Belichick will be talking roster on the eve of the trade deadline.On the eve of the NFL trade deadline, Patriots coach Bill Belichick and personnel director Nick Caserio pledged due diligence in investigating what's available, but stressed that no transactions appear imminent.

Asked about the flurry of recent activity, including the Rams trading for Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd on Monday, Caserio said the league-wide movement is consistent with past years.

"I think it's pretty normal for this time of the year," Caserio said. "I think teams ultimately look at their individual situations and do what they feel is best. We'll do the same thing. If there's something there that makes sense, we'll investigate. If not, we're happy with the players we have in the program."

Asked directly about Lloyd and reports of potential interest from New England, Caserio kept it general.

"I'd say, really, we have conversations with teams throughout the course of year about different players and we haven't done anything different in terms of due diligence," Caserio said. Later he added, "We're doing our homework, like we normally do. It hasn't taken on any extra significance this year than it has in years past."

Asked about the deadline, Belichick left the window open for potential moves. After all, the Patriots made a big splash during their bye week by trading wide receiver Randy Moss to the Vikings last October.

"I don’t think there’s anything where the papers are all typed up and ready to be signed, let’s put it that way," said Belichick. "But who knows what could happen."