Belichick helps hoodie sales spike

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- When Patriots coach Bill Belichick wore a "bye week" hoodie Tuesday at Gillette Stadium, little did he know he was helping spark a surge of sales at the team's Pro Shop.

When I popped into the Pro Shop today on way out of Gillette Stadium, all that was left was just one, a lonely XX-sized "bye week" hoodie. The rest had flown off the shelves since pictures of Belichick surfaced Tuesday.

This isn't meant to serve as an advertisement for the hoodie; the team doesn't need any help in that area. Instead, it is passed along to reflect how Belichick, who isn't one for fashion statements, has popularized the hoodie in New England.

All it took was for him to show up at his Tuesday news conference in the hoodie, followed by the ever-growing media relaying the images, to spark the unexpected surge.