Podcast: Looking into Pats' crystal ball

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi joins Mike Reiss for the weekly podcast on ESPNBoston.com, and the two go around the NFL to answer some top questions (e.g. was the Carson Palmer deal a good one?) before looking into their Patriots crystal ball (link here).

One topic discussed is which remaining game on the schedule brings the most intrigue. Bruschi picks the finale against the Bills.

"That game will be at home. I've been a believer in the Bills the last couple of years," Bruschi says. "I think they'll be in the end. I think they'll be more of a threat than the New York Jets."

Bruschi also touches on receiver Wes Welker's sizzling start and why he's deserving of a lucrative contract extension.

In addition, the two look at which AFC team currently projects as the team's top competition in the playoffs.

"At the beginning of the year, I was high on the Baltimore Ravens and I still am," Bruschi says. "I think the Patriots are on a collision course to meet with the Ravens at some point in the playoffs."