Leftovers from conference calls

Ed Wolfstein/Icon SMI

Kevin Faulk is working towards a return.A handful of noteworthy leftovers after Patriots coach Bill Belichick, offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, and personnel director Nick Caserio held conference calls with the media Monday afternoon:

1. What can Faulk add to backfield?: The Patriots have four running backs on the active roster at the moment and, with veteran Kevin Faulk resuming practice activities last week, there's a chance for him to hop from the reserve/physically-unable-to-perform list to the 53-man roster as early as this week. O'Brien said that decision is ultimately up to Belichick, but offered his take on what the 35-year-old running back, who is coming off ACL surgery, could add to the backfield. "He would just add to what that group already has, in my opinion, meaning his intelligence, his experiences, his knowledge of the system," said O'Brien. "Obviously, those are things that Kevin has added for us over the years in all the different roles that he’s played. He would just add to the very talented group of guys and smart group of guys."

2. A T.Ocho reunion?: Wide receiver Terell Owens is ready to return to NFL action and he will reportedly hold an organized workout in front of scouts on Tuesday. Asked if the Patriots might have interest, Caserio offered little to suggest they might: "I think he is no different than a lot of the players that have been on the street. We’ll evaluate those players, who is available, look at our situation and make a determination if that’s something that would make sense for us. He is no different than however many free agents are out there currently."

3. What happens on the bye week, stays on the bye week: Patriots second-year tight end Rob Gronkowski raised some eyebrows when an adult film start Tweeted photos of the two together during the bye week. Asked if he cares about the activities his players engage in during their time off, Belichick said that sort of stuff isn't exclusive to the weekend's extended break. "There’s a certain extent of that every day they leave here," said Belichick. "Everybody walks out of this building and they don’t all go to the same place. But hopefully they all come back at the next appointed time to resume their preparations and contributions that they make to the team. There’s a certain element of that all the time."

4. No roster moves ... for now: Asked if he expected any sort of roster activity on Monday, Caserio noted, "I don’t really think there’s too much in the hopper just yet. We’ll see how the week goes. We’ve kept [reporters] pretty busy over the last few weeks, so maybe we’ll keep it quieter early in the week, we’ll see." Somewhere, Ross Ventrone and Phillip Adams exchanged a high-5 and enjoyed the final offday of the bye week.

5. Something special: Asked to assess the performance of specialists Stephen Gostkowski and Zoltan Mesko, Belichick said: "I think, overall, they’ve both done a pretty solid job. Zoltan, I thought he showed a lot of toughness, both mentally and physically, after he got banged up there [against San Diego and] coming back. He’s done a good job for us with the holding part of the operation, as well as the punting. Like I said, just being there and working through some not ideal situations but being there so we could depend on him and count on him. I’m not sure that would have happened last year, but he’s definitely developing into a good solid player. He works hard and he has a lot better understanding of our game and what we do than he did last year certainly. Stephen, we paced him through training camp with the kickoffs and things like that but I think he’s had a good solid start, too. There’s a lot of room for improvement there with both of those guys, but at the same time, I think they’ve done a good job for us."