Steelers' perspective on Brady

PITTSBURGH -- The centerpiece of today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is a story on what the Steelers have to do to stop quarterback Tom Brady. The piece by Gerry Dulac is headlined "The 5-step Program."

Here are the 5 steps Dulac highlights after speaking with former coaches and players who have studied Brady and the Patriots' offense:

1. Bring pressure from inside. "That's what the Giants did to them in the Super Bowl, they created mismatches in the trenches with Justin Tuck," ESPN analyst Merril Hoge says.

2. Avoid zone coverage. "In zones, you wait for the receiver to come open and just throw it. Brady is too accurate and too smart for that. You have to disrupt his timing," NBC analyst Tony Dungy says.

3. Use the 5-yard rule. "You have to win where [Brady] wants to go with the ball early, and that's close-in routes to Welker and Gronkowski," Hoge says.

4. Match his production. "The times we had success was when we scored a lot of points and he felt he had to put up a lot of points, too," Dungy says.

5. Avoid mismatches. "Nobody works the inside of the field better than this guy," CBS analyst Bill Cowher says. "He's amazing from numbers to numbers. I've never seen anyone stand so erect in the pocket with so much confidence. He's a guy who's very, very hard to rattle."