National perspective on Patriots

Clark Judge of CBSSports.com writes on the Patriots and comes to this conclusion: "If the New England Patriots aren't worried now, they should be. Their defense stinks."

Judge, who was in Pittsburgh to report on the team's 25-17 loss to the Steelers, quotes an anonymous NFL coach on why the game was so significant.

"Usually the Steelers do what they always do, and they've been successful doing it. You know what you're going to get from them because it's what they always do. Only here they did what they had to do, and that's a huge, huge, huge departure," the coach tells Judge.

"They took what the Patriots gave them. When it was second-and-11, instead of looking for Mike Wallace deep, they took the underneath routes and wound up third-and-3. Then they found someone like Heath Miller on a linebacker and kept the chains moving. Roethlisberger was very selfless. If you listen to him afterward, he says, 'We took what they gave us,' and that's exactly right. They out-Patrioted the Patriots."

The coach also shares an opinion on the Patriots' defense from a big-picture perspective.

"The Patriots tried going to a 4-3 this year and playing man-to-man, but it was a disaster. Now they're back to mixing the 4-3 and 3-4 and playing a lot of zone, but they're giving up a lot of big plays. I think they're trying to find out about themselves, and I'm not sure they really know what they have."