Belichick remains mum on Edelman's arrest

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick was quizzed at the start of Wednesday's press conference about the arrest of wide receiver Julian Edelman, but didn't add much on the situation despite rapid-fire queries. Here's a sampling of the back-and-forth:

Q: Any comment on Edelman's arrest and what his future with the team is?

BB: "I don’t have any comment. I think his representatives made their comment on it, I don’t have anything to add to it."

Q: Considering Rob Gronkowski posed for pictures with a porn star and now another player was out late at a club getting arrested, is there a discipline issue on this team?

BB: "I don't have anything to add to that."

Q: Nothing at all?

BB: "That’s right."

Q: Did you have a conversation with Edelman?

BB: "Yeah, of course."

Q: What was said in that conversation?

BB: "I don’t have any comment on it. Those conversations are private, between myself and the player, like all the other ones we have."

Q: You must be disappointed in Edelman.

BB: "Right now we’re getting ready for the Giants. That’s what our football team is here for, to get ready for the Giants. Big game on Sunday."

Q: Will Edelman play in that game

BB: "We’ll play the best players we can for the game, like we always do. It won’t be any different this week than any other week."

Q: How do Patriots respond to off-the-field issues?

BB: "I think you look at each situation individually and make a decision based on all the information you have is -- whatever that is. And everyone is different obviously."

Q: Will there be any internal sanctions for Edelman?

BB: "We never publicly announce internal team discipline. We wouldn’t change that policy."