National perspective on Pats-Giants

Some links from a national perspective on the Patriots' 24-20 loss to the Giants:

1. When Pats struggle on offense. ... Michael Lombardi of NFL.com writes on how this wasn't a typical Tom Brady game. "The ball never looked good coming off his hand. Most teams are taking away the short passing game of the Patriots, daring Brady to make the throw down the field, which he seems reluctant to take."

2. Eli vs. Brady. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports writes on the battle of the quarterbacks -- Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady. "If you’re looking for a bottom line answer to whether New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is the equal of New England Patriots counterpart Tom Brady, the answer is still no."

3. Scuffling Brady & Pats look lost. Judy Battista of the New York Times writes on the game, focusing on the decline of the Patriots. "There are too many inexperienced players, too many mindless mistakes to stave off an opponent, unless Brady has already built a formidable lead. It should look familiar. In a way, it is reminiscent of how the Indianapolis Colts have played in many of Peyton Manning’s best years."

4. Setting up Patriots-Jets. Ashley Fox of ESPN.com writes her "Between the Tackles" piece, and a segment of it focuses on Sunday's matchup between the Patriots and Jets. Fox touches on the the Jets' catch phrase "Jetstitude", and notes, "New England has struggled to move the chains the last two weeks and has the worst defense in the league against the pass. That is not a good combination heading into Jets week."