Breakdown: Final snaps for Haynesworth

Putting the final snaps of Albert Haynesworth's career with the Patriots under the microscope after New England released the veteran defensive tackle Tuesday:

Haynesworth 0/5

Believe it or not, Haynesworth's first three snaps of his final full drive (or one that didn't end with a one-play touchdown) with the Patriots were actually pretty solid. On the first play after the Giants took over early in the second quarter following a Tom Brady interception, Haynesworth jetted right past David Diehl and nearly blew up a running play at the handoff (see screenshot above). On second down, he got good push against guard Chris Snee and the Giants dropped a pass.

Haynesworth 1/5

After an encroachment penalty gave the Giants a new set of downs, Haynesworth came about as close as he had to registering a sack, drawing a holding penalty (above) while still nearly getting to quarterback Eli Manning. If his day had ended there, Haynesworth would probably still be on the Patriots' roster.

But things went downhill. Quickly. And Haynesworth spent his final five snaps either being pushed around or on the ground.

Haynesworth 2/5

On 1st and 20, the Giants tried to set up a little screen. Haynesworth attacked and got left eating a face full of turf when Snee released his block to get up field and block. The pass was incomplete, but Haynesworth was left flopping around on his back (above).

Haynesworth 3/5

On 2nd and 20, the Giants ran a draw to D.J. Ware. Haynesworth's penetration should have helped blow the play up, especially when Ware got pinned behind Snee. Instead, Snee pancaked Haynesworth (above), allowing a 10-yard gain.

Haynesworth 4/5

On 3rd and 10, the Giants again went to the air, but Haynesworth got swallowed up and stumbled to the ground at the line of scrimmage. At times, he simply looked unable to maintain his balance during the series.

Haynesworth appeared for just one more play later in the quarter, providing a solid third-down pass rush, even if he again lost his balance coming off the edge (in his defense, he was double-teamed on this particular play).

He was back on the field after another Brady interception gave the Giants a short field in the third quarter and it would be his already well-documented final snap in which Diehl pushed him around on Brandon Jacobs' 10-yard touchdown run.

A heated conversation reportedly followed with assistant coach Pepper Johnson after the play. And less than 48 hours later, the Haynesworth era was over in New England.