Bruschi's breakdown on Pats-Jets

Every week leading up to the Patriots' game, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss analyze the matchup in "Bruschi's Breakdown." In this week's piece, Bruschi sees a Jets team executing better offensively since the two sides last met:

"The Jets' offense presents some challenges, and one thing that stands out since the Oct. 9 game between the teams is the play calling of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer," said Bruschi. "They are executing better but I really think he's been the difference. They've done some creative things in the running game, with motions and misdirection and scheme runs. You still have your staples when you think of the Jets' offense: the bootlegs, the slants, those quick passes in between the numbers that Sanchez loves to complete off play-action."

Offensively, Bruschi thinks the Patriots should lean on a running game that shined in the Week 5 meeting:

"I think that still should be a focus going up against a Jets defense giving up 123 rushing yards per game (22nd in NFL)," said Bruschi. "We could see a little more of rookie Stevan Ridley, but certainly, a steady dose of BenJarvus Green-Ellis. You have to attack the Jets' defense with the running game. It can simplify a lot of things when you are getting 4 yards on first down, another 4 yards on second down, to get into short-yardage situations on third down against a complex defensive scheme. So I can see the Pats really trying to establish the run."

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