Context on Leigh Bodden release

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Developments over the last 24 hours have added context to the Patriots' surprising decision to release cornerback Leigh Bodden on Oct. 28.

Here are some of the key points:

Bodden underwent back surgery Thursday. The injury occurred in the season-opener against the Dolphins, according to agent Alvin Keels.

Bodden's agent said client was "totally healthy." At the time of Bodden's release, here were remarks made by Keels: "Leigh still has a strong desire to play football and welcomes his next opportunity to compete for a Super Bowl. Leigh is totally healthy and can contribute right away." Bodden took a free-agent visit to the Chiefs after his release.

Bodden explains his side of Patriots release. In remarks made to the Boston Herald, Bodden detailed the pain he felt while attempting to play through injuries. It was a string of injuries, not his role, that ultimately led to his release (as had been speculated here). Bodden told the Herald of an incident at practice: "One time, a receiver caught a ball on me, and I could barely run. They’re screaming at me, and it probably looked like I didn’t care. But that’s never the case with me."

SUMMING IT UP: This was a situation where Bodden obviously felt he was hurt, although tests on his back didn't necessarily show it. That explains why the sides would be seeing things differently -- the Patriots perhaps not viewing Bodden as "all-in", and Bodden feeling he was doing everything possible to play through pain. It's unusual that Bodden took a visit to the Chiefs if he was experiencing such pain. It's a head-scratcher that Keels went out of his way to declare Bodden fully healthy upon his release.