Next-level stats from Patriots-Jets

* Brady near perfect in second half: Tom Brady was much more efficient in the second half against the Jets Sunday, especially on throws of ten yard or less, completing 12-of-14 for 106 yards and two touchdowns.

* Patriots no huddle offense cannot be stopped: The Jets defense could not stop the Patriots no huddle plays. Tom Brady completed 5-of-5 for 65 yards and a touchdown in no huddle offense as the Patriots totaled for 106 yards in 15 such plays.

* Brady beats Jets’ DB blitzers: Rex Ryan sent at least one blitzing defensive back 42 times in the Jets’ two home victories against the Patriots the past two seasons. Ryan ordered DB pressure 14 times Sunday night, with drastically different results. Tom Brady threw only four incompletions and averaged a first down every 2.3 pass attempts when the Jets rushed a defensive back Sunday, compared to once every 3.5 attempts on the road versus the Jets in 2009 and 2010.

* Carter bolsters Patriots’ pass rush: Patriots defensive lineman Andre Carter posted 4.5 sacks Sunday night. All of the sacks came when the Patriots had six or fewer men in the box.

Compiled by John Choi and Trevor Ebaugh.