Xs & Os: Plenty of Gronk

For those who like to look deeper into the game, focusing on Xs and Os, the "Belichick Breakdown" on Patriots.com after a win is recommended. Belichick obviously had a lot of things he liked in the win over the Jets because he highlighted five different areas in this week's breakdown (link here).

1. Special teams. The Patriots had been inconsistent on special teams heading into the game, and the Jets are one of the league's better groups. So it's not a huge surprise that Belichick started there, focusing on a first-quarter kickoff coverage tackle by Tracy White, and then Matthew Slater's terrific second-quarter tackle on punt returner Jeremy Kerley. Belichick credits Slater for playing through pain, before saying, "Our special teams really stepped up and did a good job of covering kicks, we got the turnover on the punt, and that was a big factor in the game."

2. Gronkowski's 18-yard touchdown. Belichick pointed out how the Jets talked about wanting to mix things up defensively, and used Gronkowski's touchdown as an example. On the play, the Jets rushed just three defenders, which gave them plenty of coverage down the field. But a nice move by Gronkowski at the top of his route against safety Eric Smith helps create an opening for a touchdown.

3. Benefits of the no-huddle/hurry-up approach. Belichick shows how the no-huddle/hurry-up approach creates stress for defense, as he focuses on two plays -- Deion Branch's 14-yard catch in the third quarter in which he wasn't covered, then Danny Woodhead's 9-yard run around left end. On both plays, the Jets' defense isn't set. "That's the kind of thing that is really kind of unsettling to the defense," Belichick says.

4. Brady reading coverage. Deion Branch's 8-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter is used as an example of how Tom Brady reads coverage and that dictates where he throws the ball. Branch is the "X" receiver on the play, on the opposite side of all the coverage. With all the attention elsewhere, Brady makes the right read. In making his point, Belichick notes that the right read is often Wes Welker, which is why Welker is targeted so much. "I think the thing that fans need to realize is that coverage dictates 'this is where you want to throw the ball'," Belichick says.

5. Gronkowski and scramble plays. Belichick shares that one of the things Rob Gronkowski has been working on weekly is scramble plays, and helping Tom Brady when things break down. Belichick shows an example of the work in practice coming to life in the game -- a 17-yard catch late in the fourth quarter on the team's final drive. "You like to see that work in practice pay off in the game and it sure did against the Jets," Belichick says.