Belichick praises safety Ventrone

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots safety Ross Ventrone has had weeks where he's been on the active roster, other weeks when he's been on the practice squad, and one week when he wasn't on either.

The on-again, off-again, back-and-forth roster moves with Ventrone have become a running joke of sorts among some Patriots followers and media members, and Bill Belichick smiled when it was brought to his attention today after Ventrone was re-signed on Thursday.

Belichick took the time to praise Ventrone for his approach.

"He's handled it great. He might lead the league in transactions," Belichick said of the 15 times the team has made a move. "We have a good line of communication and understanding -- myself, Nick [Caserio] and Ross. We've talked about the various situations that he's been involved in.

"In the end, you either play in the game or you don't. That's what it comes down to, so you get prepared to play every week. If the coaches give you the opportunity to play, you play. If the coaches don't, then as a player, you take what you learned that week and get ready for next week. He's done a great job of that. Outstanding.

"He's been ready when we've called him up. Sometimes we've had a feeling that we'd be doing that, but other times, it was kind of a last-minute thing. He's always been well prepared, ready to go. We've thrown him in there when he least expects it in practice, and he's done a good job."

For those keeping track, Ventrone is currently on the practice squad.