NFL games from Pats perspective

When looking at today's games from a Patriots perspective, the Bills at Dolphins game is one of the most important.

The Bills are 5-4 and are coming off two straight double-digit losses. If they lose today against the 2-7 Dolphins, it further solidifies the Patriots' standing atop the AFC East.

From an overall AFC perspective, the Bengals at Ravens is a biggie. As we look ahead to which teams might present the toughest matchups for the Patriots in a one-game type of playoff situation, both of those teams are on the radar. They both have played solid defense this year.

And overall, can the Packers' threaten to match the Patriots' undefeated regular season from 2007? They're at home against Tampa today.

Also, tonight's game -- Eagles at Giants -- provides a chance to "advance scout" the Eagles heading into next week's road game for the Patriots.

Feel free to share some of your thoughts on today's action in the comments section of this blog entry. From time to time, we'll be dipping in to share our thoughts today and tonight.