Soundbites from Patriots post-game

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Some assorted soundbites from the Patriots' locker room and post-game interviews:

Head coach Bill Belichick on Romeo Crennel's Chiefs defense: "I wouldn't say it's anything we haven't seen before. They did a good job. They gave us a couple of different looks and they gave us a couple of strong-side blitzes with [cornerback Javier] Arenas and the linebacker over on that side. There were a couple of times where I think we had them blocked and we just didn't block them. And there were a couple of other times where we missed the guy. ...Romeo does that; he does a good job of that. He does things that give you problems and he did that tonight."

DE Andre Carter on DE Mark Anderson's performance: "He is coming along real well. We complement each other. I think every week as we prepare for an opponent, we just constantly work off each other. At times they may be chipping me a bit, he has an opportunity to win a one-on-one matchup and that's how it's supposed to be. So I'm very proud of him and he's doing well."

CB Phillip Adams on secondary coming together: "All we have to do is get better day after day, week after week, we just continue to get better. It really doesn't matter if they do or they don't. Every week we are going to go into practice and work hard regardless if they are going to give us respect or not."

WR Wes Welker on being held without a catch until fourth quarter: "I think a lot of it was just us and they did some different types of things and they had a good game plan for us and did a good job. We just had to roll with it and have some other people step up and we did and we were able to come away with the win."

QB Tom Brady on first half vs. second half: "Yeah, we played a little bit better [in the second half]. Obviously the first half we didn't do anything. I don't think it could have gotten much worse than what we did in the first half. But I thought we came out strong in the second half and took control in the third quarter. It's good to get a win at home after the loss last time."

Brady on building momentum after Thanksgiving: "Yeah, we're going to need to play better than we did offensively tonight if we want to start making some serious improvements down the stretch. We're 7-3. I don't think we're really where we hoped to be at this point. We have a whole season ahead of us and hopefully we can come out and have a good week of practice and move forward."