Bruschi dissects Patriots' victory

Every day after the Patriots play, ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi dissects the performance in his "Bruschi on Tap" piece. Bruschi has been hosting an online chat the day after the Patriots play and the answers of his chat make up "Bruschi on Tap."

This week's piece has been posted and includes some of the following topics:

1. Andre Carter, Mark Anderson and their contributions to the pass rush.

2. Should the Patriots' defense get credit, or was Monday night more about the inept Chiefs offense?

3. Weighing BenJarvus Green-Ellis and his playing time against rookie running backs.

4. Key areas to monitor when it comes to a solid playoff defense.

5. Predicting the Patriots' record over the final six games.

6. Bill Belichick's approach at the end of the game.