NFL games from Pats perspective

When it comes to today's NFL games, and looking at them from a Patriots perspective, here are a few thoughts:

12:30 -- Packers at Lions (Fox)

Can the Packers match the Patriots' undefeated regular season of 2007? This is one of their toughest remaining tests. Also, watching a Packers' defense that has looked shaky at times.

4:15 -- Dolphins at Cowboys (CBS)

The Dolphins are playing better of late and are one of the remaining teams on the Patriots' schedule (Dec. 24 in Foxborough).

8:20 -- 49ers at Ravens (NFL Network)

When it comes to possible playoff matchups for the Patriots, the Ravens are one of the top challengers. Also, a chance to see a 49ers defense that has been one of the NFL's best.

Feel free to share some thoughts on the games in the comments section of this blog entry. We'll be popping in from time to time to share ours.