Sounds like a broken record

Rich Schultz /Getty Images

The way the Patriots have talked up the Eagles, you'd never know their fans feel like this at times.FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Spend a week in the Patriots' locker room and you'll hear many of the same sentiments repeated over and over again. It's not hard to tell when coaches have stressed a particular theme to the players, who often echo those thoughts to the media in the days leading up to Sunday's game.

One prevalent theme this week: Ignoring the Eagles' 4-6 record with players suggesting how their previous struggles will have no impact on this week's game. It's a message New England players have surely been bombarded with during team meetings.

"Records really don't matter in the NFL," said tight end Rob Gronkowski. "Some teams have losing records, but they're just as good as other teams. It all depends on who comes out that week, who practiced hard that week, and who's preparing better that week -- the team that comes out ready to play. [The Eagles] are a good team with great players, so we definitely have to be ready."

Echoed defensive lineman Kyle Love: "In the NFL, you don't really look at the record. On any given Sunday, anybody can beat anybody, so you don't even look [records]. This is a tough team, a physical team, and any time they want to win, they can win. You gotta go out there and play ball, at the end of the day."

Catching the theme yet?

"Coaches have been harping on that all week, how talented a team they are," said defensive captain Jerod Mayo. "[The Eagles] lost some close games, but we know how good they are. They’re one of the best teams in the league despite their record."