USA Today looks at Pats' defense

Veteran NFL reporter Jarrett Bell, who was in attendance for Sunday's Patriots-Eagles game, writes on the New England defense in his "NFL Replay" piece now posted on USA Today's website.

Writes Bell:

Vince Wilfork is just 30, but the burly, 300-something pound nose tackle is the old man on the New England Patriots defense. He's the only defensive starter left from the franchise's last Super Bowl squad, way back in his 2004 rookie campaign when the unit was stocked with a roll call of savvy veterans: Bruschi. Seymour. McGinest. Vrabel. Law.

Wilfork refuses to compare. It would not do any good. Might even be painful.

"I've been fortunate to be here for eight years," Wilfork noted after Sunday's victory against the Eagles. "I've seen a lot of people come and go. This is a different ballclub."

Here is the link to Bell's piece.