Bruschi's Breakdown on Pats-Colts

Every week leading up to the Patriots' next game, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss preview the action in "Bruschi's Breakdown" on ESPNBoston.com. This week's piece has been posted and Bruschi shares his thoughts on the 0-11 Colts.

"I've been surprised," he says. "This was a team built around [Peyton] Manning and getting out to an early lead, and then the pass-rushers on defense would be able to go after the opposing quarterback. I relate it back to the experience I had in 2008 with the Patriots when Tom Brady went down. We had Matt Cassel come in, and I felt coach Bill Belichick did a great job developing the depth on the team. I think the Colts are too dependent on their star players. When one goes down, such as a Dallas Clark, Peyton Manning or Reggie Wayne, they don't know where to look. You have to look to the general manager and coach in a situation like that."

Bruschi also talks about Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri.

"It will be nice to see him kicking again at Gillette Stadium, but I still can't get used to seeing him in that uniform. I think a lot of Patriots followers agree with me on that. He's had an outstanding career, and I think he belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What is being a kicker in the NFL about? Making the kick when the game is on the line. He made kicks when the game was on the line, and they were the biggest games in the history of the league."